Things To Do

30 Things to do in Austin, TX

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  1. Have coffee at Spiderhouse, Halcyon, Jo’s, or Mozart’s
  2. Go see a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse
  3. Have a vegan dinner at Casa de Luz
  4. Go to the Blanton Museum of Art
  5. Go to the Elizabeth Ney Museum
  6. Go to the Laguna Gloria Art Museum
  7. Check out the the Wally Workman Gallery
  8. Attend a Waterloo Records CD Release Party
  9. Have the tasting menu at Jeffrey’s or The Driskill
  10. Go to Lake Travis / Hippie Hollow
  11. Go see the Bats
  12. Take a Duck Tour
  13. Go to the City Wide Garage Sale
  14. Go to the Austin Botanical Gardens
  15. Walk around Town Lake
  16. Go to a play at Zach Scott
  17. Buy Opera Tickets
  18. Shop on 2nd Street
  19. Walk up and down 6th Street
  20. Go thrifting up and down Burnet Road
  21. Get the kids together to draw on the sidewalk or tie dye t shirts
  22. Go to one of our historic churches
  23. Tour the Capitol Building
  24. Pick a restaurant out of The Fearless Critic Guide and check it out
  25. Go to the Indian Grocery and buy spices and treats
  26. Have Dim Sum
  27. Have good sushi somewhere – Musashino, Kyoto or Uchi (or inspired fusion at Uchiko!)
  28. Have a Mexican Martini at Trudy’s
  29. Go to one of the greenbelts and go for a walk
  30. Go to Central Market or Whole Foods just to look

And look at this cool site!

March 5, 2016 – The Contemporary Austin